Universal - 12v 80w Straight Blade Fan

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Direnza 12v 80w straight blade electric fan
With increased engine performance comes a greater need to control operating temperatures. Direnza's range of performance fans are the perfect accompaniment for the uprated radiator/intercooler on your car; or a great upgrade to improve cooling on an OEM setup.

Engineered to improve cooling efficiency without compromising on space; the super-slim, compact profile and included fan mounting kit ensures Direnza fans are easy to install flush against any heat exchange including radiators and intercoolers - even in the tightest of spots.
Direnza 12v 80w straight blade electric fan

Direnza 12v 80w straight blade electric fan
Available in a range of sizes; Direnza performance fans utilise a reversible motor so they can be used to either push or pull the air with equal velocity!
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Part Number DZYAFA
Manufacturer Direnza
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