Track days can be a lonely affair, with drivers often too consumed by their own experience to interact with other guests.
That’s where Track Obsession events are different.

Established in 2015, Track Obsession encourages a community spirit at its track days, as well as a good standard of driving. Company founder James Birch explains why he’s working with Direnza to take Track Obsession to the next level. “We pride ourselves on setting clear goals on quality and service which separates ourselves from our competitors. It's great to see that Direnza also shares these values. The quality and innovation work that goes into Direnza products to improve performance is awesome.

“It shows that Direnza is pushing the boundaries above and beyond what the customer expects,” James continued. “Again, this is something that Track Obsession also shares, by providing free tuition from top flight racing drivers including current BTCC and Clio Cup racers, free photography, free refreshments, and trained professionals on hand to give mechanical advice.”


Of course, every track driver must start somewhere and Track Obsession’s James Birch has this advice for those people who are new to the track day scene. “Our biggest advice to track day newbies is to get as much seat time as possible. Don’t worry about keeping up with the guy in front, or going for huge power gains,” he said.

“First you must focus on the basics: tyres and brakes are most important, then move on to suspension. Take on board the free tuition that we offer to perfect your braking points, turn-in points and the fastest lines through each turn corner each circuit. Not only will this give you the best satisfaction in driving, but it’s also the best way to go fast!”


So what can Track Obsession guests expect this track day season? “We're looking forward to welcoming new drivers to our track days, as well as new guest instructors!” James said. “We won’t give too much away just yet, but I'm sure some of our instructors we have lined up for this year will be taking podiums this year in the British Touring Car Championship.

“We have six great circuits on offer this year, and we're looking to expand and move into Europe with trips to Spa-Francorchamps and the Nürburgring,” he continued. “For avid track day enthusiasts, we also have a season pass and half-season pass, which allow drivers to make great savings while helping them fill their track day calendar.

“Our ultimate goal, and what we always strive for, is to create a welcoming community, whereby anyone can attend our track days and feel a part of what is going on, share stories and chat with like-minded enthusiasts, while improving their driving skills in a safe and controlled environment.”

Track Obsession Calendar 2019

  • Cadwell Park - May 2
  • Anglesey - June 3
  • Snetterton - July 4
  • Castle Combe - August 14
  • Brands Hatch - November 14

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