- Kevin Corsius
- Age: 23
- Location: Belgium
- Drifting since late 2009. 2012 and 2014 Winner Belgian Skylimit Drift Championship, winning every round those years.
Done various international competition with many podiums. BDC, IDS, DFP Poland (2011), Nürburgring Drift Cup (3rd place overall 2014)

Tell us a little about your car.
From 2011 ‘till 2014 I’ve been drifting the car with a M3 3.2 engine. It’s got a SLR angle kit from the US, same used as Chelsea Denofa in Formula Drift.
Full welded roll cage and all the usual and necessary safety gear.
CAE Racing short shifter
Reinforced E36 325 rear axle, fully polybushed, 3.73 diff ratio, welded differential.
For this and coming seasons, we are going with a BMW E36 325 Turbo build. The Turbo kit is built by Zurawski Motorsport and is also one of my sponsors.
We’re going for around 450-500bhp. I could go for more, but I’d like to keep it safe.
Engine specs are the following:
M50B25 Engine. Engine block and head have been refurbished.
Wiseco forged pistons
Athena Cooper ring head gasket
ARP Head, Rod and main bolts
King Racing main- and conrod bearings
Tial 44mm wastegate
BorgWarner/Schwitzer S256 Turbo (580bhp rated)
870cc injectors
Zurawski Motorsport Twin Scroll top mount exhaust manifold
Zurawski Motorsport Intake manifold.

Why did you go into Motorsport, and why did you choose drifting?
As I’ve been driving go-karts since I was 8 years old, it was quite obvious that I wanted more after a while. Unfortunately motorsport was too expensive for me and drifting was a quite new branch that was gaining lot’s of interest from all over the world. Having a few friends who were already into drifting, it didn’t take long before I also started. So after a few years now, it’s become a part of my life and also thanks to my parents who do allot for me and support me in every possible way.

What events you have driven in and how you did?
Here in Belgium the drifting scene actually just is narrowed down to 1 spot and that is in Zolder on a paddock. It’s ran for many years by Andy Jaenen of Skylimit Events (who also runs the Nürburgring Drift Cup).
In the Drift Cup in Zolder, I’ve had a lot of winnings, so I will narrow it down to the most important ones for me.
- 2012 Skylimit/Yokohama Drift Cup Champion Pro Class
- 2012 BDC Round 4 Lydden Hill Top Qualifier and Winner in the Pro Class
- 2012 BDC Super Pro Round at Silverstone, Trax. Ended 8th (Invitational)
- 2013 Skylimit/Yokohama Drift Cup Round 1 Winner Pro Class (2013 has been a very quiet year of drifting for me due to personal and work related things)
- 2014 Skylimit/Yokohama Drift Cup Champion Pro Class
- 2014 Nürburgring Drift Cup 3rd Place overall
- 2014 Essen MotorShow Drift Of Champions 3rd Place

What your plans and hopes are for the future?

I just hope to get further into the drifting than I’m already right now.
Being able to go more international and hopefully find more help to get me there!