• Astra J GTC VXR Intercooler & Exhaust Dyno Report

    With the Corsa E VXR dyno runs complete it was time for our Vauxhall Astra GTC VXR to head to the dyno to test out our new range of products for it and put them to the test. The first product to be test fitted to the car was our front mount intercooler kit. This kit removes the standard thin OEM
  • Corsa E VXR Intercooler & Exhaust Dyno Report

    We took our Vauxhall Corsa E VXR to the dyno to develop and test our new range of products. We headed over to a trusted dyno in Warrington who have a purpose built temperature controlled cell with a dyno dynamics dyno meter installed. Armed with a few tools and our new products we completed multiple
  • Volkswagen Golf R MK7 2.0 Turbo Decat Downpipe Dyno Test

      The MK7 Golf R is a new car to enter our product range in the form of a catback exhaust system and a decat downpipe with centre section.  Our catback exhaust is aimed to improve the sound of the car as the factory system is very quiet and doesn’t do the roughty engine justice. Th
  • Mini Cooper S R56 Intercooler Dyno Test

    The R56 Mini Cooper S has a small intercooler as standard which plays a role in restricting the car at the high end of the rev range. With this in mind we decided to design a bigger, better, uprated black edition intercooler. We wanted our intercooler to have more volume (85% more to be exact) than

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