Ford Focus MK3 2.3 RS 2012+ - MVT Front Mount Intercooler Kit

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Ford Focus MK3 2.3 RS 2012-onwards models

Core Size Direnza MVT:
610mm x 200mm x 115mm

Core Size Standard Intercooler:
615mm x 200mm x 80mm

Ford Focus MK3 RS MVT Aftermarket Intercooler Kit

"Revolutionary Intercooler Design Boosts Cooling Efficiency and Engine Performance"

What is MVT?
‘MVT’ stands for ‘Multi Vane Technology’ and is a Direnza trademark. MVT significantly enhances the efficiency of an intercooler, leading to reduced intake temperatures and, ultimately, increased engine performance.

Within Direnza's MVT intercoolers are special vanes, which distribute incoming charge air across the entire intercooler core, achieving significantly greater cooling efficiency than a system without MVT.

Technical Analysis
Extensive research into existing intercooler designs revealed that most systems have angled fabricated end tanks with very poor air flow characteristics.

Making matters worse, many intercoolers we analysed channelled most of the charge air (as much as 80% of it) through as little as 20% of the core, with the remaining air left to drift unevenly through the rest of the system.

Design Process
Direnza develops all its performance products in-house...

Following research into rival intercooler designs, over the course of 12 months our engineers carefully honed their MVT concept using state-of-the-art 3D CAD software and CFD modelling analysis.

Not only did our engineers pay great attention to the shape and angle of the intercooler vanes, they developed cast aluminium end tanks with exceptional air flow characteristics.

The result of this work speaks for itself.

Ford Focus MK3 RS MVT Aftermarket Intercooler Kit

Ford Focus MK3 RS MVT Aftermarket Intercooler Kit

Proven Performance
Fitted with our new front mount MVT intercooler kit, our Ford Focus MK3 RS showed a power increase of 9.4bhp and 6.3lb/ft of torque on the dynamometer. Not only that but outlet temperatures were 8.4°C lower than standard as well as a pressure drop 0.62psi lower than stock - all of this was achieved without any engine remapping, or other performance modification.

Intercoolers with Multi Vane Technology are manufactured to an incredibly high standard, and are the perfect addition to any car, especially those already generating more power than standard thanks to the intercooler's greater cooling capability.

We are immensely proud of our MVT intercoolers and can’t wait for our customers to experience their amazing benefits.

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Direnza Blog

Read our blog post to understand how much research and development has gone into designing and building our MVT range.

Get a glympse behind the scenes of Direnza's R&D department.

Ford Focus MK3 RS MVT CAD Images

Fitting Instructions

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More Information
Part Number DZIC038
Product Category Intercooler / Radiator
Manufacturer Direnza
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Length (mm) 610
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Width (mm) 195
Intercooler / Radiator - Core Height (mm) 115
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Length (mm) 925
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Width (mm) 195
Intercooler / Radiator - Overall Height (mm) 185
Intercooler / Radiator - Inlet Size (mm) 63
Intercooler / Radiator - Outlet Size (mm) 63
Intercooler / Radiator - Hose Bore (mm) 63
Fitment Position Front
Main Color Silver
Secondary Color Black
Material Alloy
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