BMW 3 Series E36 E46 95-06 - Polyurethane Engine Mount Kit - BLACK

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BMW 3 Series E36 all models
BMW 3 Series E46 all models
Please note if you are fitting this item to a diesel model; cabin vibrations will be higher than those fitted to petrol models due to the nature of diesel engines.

The standard engine mounts are a well known weakness, particularly as the E30, E34, E36, E46 and Z3 / Z4 start to get older. So whether its for road or track use these polyurethane engine mounts from Direnza are just the thing to give your car a new lease of life!

Under load and periods of deceleration your engine will twist slightly. This movement although perfectly normal puts pressure on the engine and gearbox mounts. By upgrading the OEM mounts to polyurethane you will help stabilise the gearbox during these movements. This small, simple modification will help improve the overall feel of the car perhaps most noticeably during gear changes.

Manufactured from the highest quality polyurethane Direnza engine mounts are a must for any BMW driver. Designed to eliminate bushing failure; Direnza gearbox mounts aim to offer the same drive-train motion as a solid mount without the stress placed on mechanical components and the occupants of the vehicle that would otherwise be inflicted from solid mounts.
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Part Number DZEM066
Product Category Other
Manufacturer Direnza
Fitment Position Front
Main Color Black
Material Polyurethane
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