Audi A3 | VW Golf MK5 | Skoda Octavia | Seat Leon - Short Ram Air Induction Kit

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Audi A3 MK2 8P 1.6D, 1.9D, 1.8l, 2.0l 2003-2012 models
Seat Alhambra II 2.0D, 2.0l 2010-2013 models
Seat Altea 1.6D, 1.9D, 2.0D, 1.8l, 2.0l 2004-2013 models
Seat Altea XL 1.6l L4 diesel 1.6D,1 .9D, 2.0D, 1.8l, 2.0l 2008-2013 models
Seat Leon 1.6D, 1.9D, 2.0D, 1.8l, 2.0l Non Cupra R 2005-2012 models
Seat Toledo III 1.9D, 2.0D, 1.8l 2005-2009 models
Skoda Octavia 1.6D, 1.9D, 2.0D, 1.8l, 2.0l 2004-2013 models
Skoda Superb 1.6D, 1.9D, 2.0D, 1.8l, 2.0l 2009-2013 models
Skoda Yeti 1.6D, 2.0D, 1.8l 2009-2013 models
Volkswagen Beetle 1.6D 2014 models
Volkswagen Caddy IV 1.6D, 2.0D 2011-2013 models
Volkswagen CC 2.0D, 1.8l, 2.0l 2012-2014 models
Volkswagen EOS 2.0D 2006-2014 models
Volkswagen Golf Plus 1.6D, 1.9D, 2.0D 2005-2014 models
Volkswagen Golf V 1.9l L4 diesel 1.9D, 2.0D 2005-2014 models
Volkswagen Golf VI 1.6D, 2.0D, 1.8l, 2.0l, 2009-2013 models
Volkswagen Jetta V 1.6D, 1.9D, 2.0D, 2.0l 2009-2013 models
Volkswagen Passat 1.6D, 1.9D, 2.0D, 1.8l, 2.0l 2005-2014 models
Volkswagen Passat CC 1.8l, 2.0D 2009-2012 models
Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0D, 2.0l 211bhp 2008-2013 models
Volkswagen Sharan II 2.0D, 2.0l 2010-2013 models
Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0D, 2.0l 2013 models
Volkswagen Touran 1.6D, 1.9D, 2.0D 2003-2013 models

All Direnza induction systems are supplied with a three-inch diameter air filter manufactured from high quality, washable cotton, ensuring long-lasting performance enhancement.

Direnza air induction kits include lightweight alloy pipework mandrel-bent for accurate placement on your vehicle, and coated with a premium grade, black textured finish for a sleek appearance.

Designed in-house by Direnza engineers, our air induction kits reduce blockages and significantly enhance air flow into the engine compared with stock induction arrangements, boosting your car’s soundtrack and performance.
Heat-resistant silicone hoses are supplied with every Direnza air induction kit. An often-overlooked item, our easy-fit silicones are layered for extra durability, their 5mm wall consisting of four polyester layers with blue or black pigment.
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Part Number DZAK001
Product Category Air Induction
Manufacturer Direnza
Fitment Position Front
Main Color Red
Secondary Color Black
Material Alloy
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